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netBranchology.com is a specialty recruiting firm that works with financial  companies across the country.  We are based in Naples, FL and work with banks and mortgage companies to help them find the people they need to grow their business. We assist our corporate clients in filling all kinds of positions including managerial, executive,  administrative, operations, legal and production.
One of our specialties is to locate experienced mortgage bankers, brokers, managers, loan originators who would like to open and operate their own mortgage office. Once located we endeavor to match the candidate with the bank or mortgage firm whose program is compatible with the circumstances of the candidate. Factors we consider in our evaluation are experience level, loan volume, geographic locations, marketing techniques used, and several others. The costs for our service is paid by the mortgage firms that we represent.  Candidates NEVER pay a fee. 
 Our recruiters are experienced residential mortgage bankers who understand your concerns. They are trained to work with you to help you find the bank or firm that has the features that you want to help you succeed.
 netbranchology.com was started in 2002. Here are the members of our firm.
  Richard Watts - President;  Richard has a diverse background in mortgage banking, recruiting and law and handles the day to day operational issues for the firm.  Contact Richard
  Kevin Miller - National Director As National Director Kevin works with our recruiters on training and helping to ascertain the best choice for job candidates. He brings a sophisticated understanding of the more complex aspects of the mortgage industry to the firm.  Contact Kevin

Luis Aleman - Mortgage Recruiter;  Luis has developed contacts all over country from his years with several large mortgage firms.  He's bi-lingual and handles placements across the country.  Contact Luis   

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